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Our special release last Friday was a brand new Young Hollywood floor, this time based on the 'Best of 2016' - an idea that I'm all for, I think it's a good one but I'm just not a huge fan of all of the pieces picked to be included in the release. Young Hollywood is typically great at injecting some glamour into your wardrobe but I wasn't feeling that so much with this release, nothing really leapt out to me as being something stunning. Sure there are the token glittered metallic pieces but overall I didn't feel like anything was greatly new or anything. So a Styled post instead, because I saw some fabulous dolls to be featured. Firstly Mh91 wearing the Checked Grey Plum Coat (with Checked Grey Plum Coat Piece included too) along with the Victoria Beckham Inspired Handbag. Love the checks with the minimal base colours of the look, the black polo and the deep grey faded jeans. The brown is definitely a surprising fit, but I quite like it, particularly paired with the sunglasses, they're pretty perfect in there.

Secondly Marta-43 wearing the Dream Candy Floss Coat and Plexi Glass Mules in this sweet styling. It may be fairly minimal but I think it's still a good showcasing of the pieces. I like the glittered frill pink hem of the skirt at the bottom of the coat, and you can see a long silver chain necklace too, also combined with the silver jewel choker, which definitely adds a little glitz to this oversized piece.

Lastly for the features is ThePerpetua wearing the Checked Loose Pants in this fashion-week-street-style-esque look. Love them paired with the bubblegum pink colour, it really helps the blue stand out, and obviously this white shirt is a great fit for both the colours. Fab inclusion of this delicate bag, it fits the look so well and is also an overall great styling of this piece as well as the trousers.

So in the end I decided to purchase three items from the release, but I might take another look back over more of the accessories to make some further decisions. Firstly the Patent Beige Classic Pumps which are pretty easy to pair with a lot of items. I tried to go for something different using this fringed coat, but I'm not sure I like the look so much anymore. The trousers are also a good fit for the shoes though, and that's a combination I'd go for again. Secondly another of the most minimal pieces, the White Leather Pants which look a whole lot like several other pieces I own^ I went for a super classic colour theme here in a pretty classic winter styling, but this is the first time I've brought out this grey sweater this season! The minimal style works well for the trousers although it doesn't make them stand out too much or make them the focal point of the outfit. Lastly the Victoria Beckham Inspired Handbag and I really thought this wouldn't be too tricky, but boy was I wrong! I just found this really difficult to work well into an outfit, and I'm still not hugely happy with what I did come up with, even though the all white works pretty nicely with it. None of the other tan items I had, either shoes or outerwear, worked all that well with the bag and I think I picked the best from the bunch really with these light boots ... hmmm this is a piece that will need some more thinking about.


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