Bag It Up Challenge #109

As promised last week in my Louboutin post, I'm now styling a couple of the bags which the Louboutin Tribute brought us several years ago now! I was able to find a range of the bags in the Bazaar, so if you're looking for one then you might be able to get it there and I know a few pieces have been released in Callie's Picks too so that's another option. So first up is the Marquise Clutch which I bought in the Bazaar for a good price, and at first I wasn't so sure about it but after styling this look I've completely changed my mind! It's great with this yellow sweater which I'd temporarily forgotten about and I think the spike details really work well for me on this minimal take. Next I wanna style this one with a dress or skirt, I think it could look even better with the right one. And secondly the bag I've had since the store came out and that I've maybe only worn a small number of times, the Spike Bowling Bag with sweet golden details. I really wanted to play on those with my outfit, but none of my gold pieces worked well enough, so I scraped that idea and went with black and red(-ish), and I think it works for the bag as the majority of lighter colours really catch your eye and draw it to the bag itself, the aim of the challenge! I really also quite liked this little lace combination of tops I used, I think/ lace is a detail which works quite nicely with this studded piece.


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