Draped Hunter Green Turtleneck # W E S T Y L E I T

We really liked doing the We Style It post last weekend, and you guys seem to love it too, so this morning we brought you another! This time Miloshki and myself went for the Draped Hunter Green Turtleneck from Fallen Angel which I see in the Bazaar all the time for a low price but never actually see anyone wear! Polo style tops have been very popular the last year or so, and I think they still will be for a while, so why this one seems to have slipped past our attentions is beyond me but I think it looks good, and the emerald green colour really does make it stand out as a unique piece - plus it's a colour I think suits most people. I found a lot of different pieces in my wardrobe that worked really nicely with the top before deciding on this floral skirt combination, so it really is versatile even though you might think otherwise about green. I love that we both picked a pointed heel too, super stylish there in the footwear department.


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