L E D E C O R | Release Review

LE Decor was released last week and I panic-purchased on the app in case things ran out, but I had nothing to worry about and I ended up being super happy with my purchases! It's been a little while since we've had Decor but I think the homepage advert alone raises excitement levels as it's just downright awesome! Gold, velvet, navy, and cat ... a lot of loves all in one place.

Highlights: The store is based in an elegant ballroom-esque room with a shiny wooden floor, a neutral grey wall and golden decorations, the gold alone gives it bonus points for me. The pieces however aren't fitting into the same style however I like the pieces included and I think everything is designed well and has been thought out from the designers.

Furniture: There are a few large furniture items available from the store, however furniture doesn't seem to be to focus for this release. In seating there are the Three Seat Velvet Sofa and Velvet Royal Armchair, which I think are a good pairing. And then there are a couple of tables, the Onyx Marble Coffee Table and the Iron Glass Coffee Table which offer the two different heights, which I quite like - I'm yet to master the best way to style the shorter coffee tables, so that's something for me to work on before I make the step to purchase an LE one. I'd also include the Mid Century Fireplace in the furniture category. I love seeing people style fireplaces really well, and most people get them into the rooms nicely, but I haven't found that ability yet! Lastly there are two rugs in the release and I really quite like both of them. The Blue White Art Deco Rug seems the most useable to me, but the Oriental Round Carpet is also quite a nice piece, and in the right room I think it could really work out well.

Decorations: For me it's clear that the focus of the store is on smaller more decorative pieces rather than furniture items, and that's all fine by me, as I find they go a lot further in suite design than a sofa would, for example. A lot of the pieces really stood out as fitting right in with my interior style - I love paintings, especially the black and white colours of both the Elephant Photo Print and the Oyster Poster and I think they would work well in a lot of situations. Also in wall decorations is the pretty Round Oxidated Mirror, a very popular piece from what I've seen that I think will look good in a lot of minimal and Scandinavian suite styles. And the last of the larger pieces, from both nature and electricals - the Teracotta Plant Pot and Modern Chandelier, both pieces which I really like individually for design, but the light I'm probably more on the fence about regarding how to use it really well in my suite. And then there's the smaller, more table-top and versatile pieces in the store, which I think are the most popular as they are not only the cheapest, but the easiest to work into already completed rooms without needing a huge makeover! So I'm talking the Bubbly Pitcher, Glass Tea Pot, the super pretty lighting of the Octopus Candlestick and Halo Candle Holder, and the very fashionable Large and Small Stack Fashion Magazines - all pieces which look great in the store and in your suite.

Prices: The cost of pieces ranges from 26 to 85SD's, but it's just the interior which is at the top end - most pieces I think are well priced for what they are and their style plus design. I don't really have any complaints here!

Styled Suite: I haven't done a huge amount with the pieces, nor used everything yet, but I came up with a basis for one of my free rooms with the pieces - I particularly like the tone of the interior I chose and the blue hue works well with most of the pieces, especially the Blue White Art Deco Rug and I stuck with similar colours choosing the Velvet Royal Armchair - there's more to be done for sure, but I'm happy with my room so far.

Features: I've seen quite a few people making huge use of the pieces from the release over the past few days, and I've got some awesome ones to share with you here! First up Miver making use of the LE Opulent Decor Interior and the basic furniture pieces along with quite a few of the decor items. I particularly love the table decorations and arrangement. Also very much liking this outfit, minimal and trendy and fitting with the room.

Secondly something a little brighter from ajenkam, who has gone for decorating with a lot of the smaller items, including the Navy Faux Fur Throw, Pancakes With Blueberries and Large and Small Stack Fashion Magazines. The items fit seamlessly into previously designed rooms with other furniture and interiors and is great to see.

Next up is this room from Crystal_Harris, also choosing a darker grey but not from the new interior in the store. I love the use of the mix of furniture pieces and small items from the store together and with previously available items - especially the navy and gold together, it looks good and it stands out attractively. An absolutely great room.

And last but not least, a room from pheobe_1994, choosing just a few smaller items to complete a room. It works well and the pieces themselves stand out amongst plenty of other things in the room, so that's a good thing. I really like the use of the whites and greys as the base for the room as they let the darker Elephant Photo Print stand out, and also the green chaise long which fits well with the Bubbly Pitcher - those splashes of green are great and really make your eyes look at all aspects of the room!


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