We Wear Hotbuys J A N U A R Y | Red Bow Necklace

This next HB is here! This is the Red Bow Necklace and it's from Bizou and costs us just 7SD's, both thumbs up on that price - I think it's perfect for the item and its design and style =D It's a cross between a choker and a regular necklace I'd say, which does add a bit of versatility but the colour is great and those golden ending on the bow are just the cutest. Can't wait to see what you guys think about this one.

think we all agreed that this HB was super easy to style and it was enjoyable too^ My look stands out a little like a sore thumb with the white dress, but I think we do show some versatility for the piece even though burgundy's and dark tones are perfect for it!


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