Saw the film 'Jackie' about a week ago, and loved it! The fashion in that film was great, I absolutely love 60's! This coat from PPQ has been on my wishlist since its release, and now I finally bought it and decided to give it a go. It has very strong sixties vibes in my opinion, and the colour is just perfect for spring! Styled it with green, because in the bag I chose had this gorgeous shade of mint! Serving you some First lady chicness ahaha! What do you think? 

You will need:
Fuzzy Lilac Coat | PPQ
Lilac Pleated Skirt | Dior
Pucci Print Blouse | Royalty
White Collared Crop Top | Bonjour Bizou
Pastel Fauz Croc Purse | Tingeling
Mint Pumps | RIO
Emerald Ruby Sapphire Gold Earrings | Bonjour Bizou


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