Bag It Up Challenge #128

Following up from my recent PEARLS Review, I decided to style the two bags that were released with the collection for this challenge post - the Kelly Inspired Classic Handbag and the Primrose Tassel Handbag, both sweet pieces with adorable designs and in perfect current colours. I went for pretty opposite colour schemes for the looks, choosing black to let the red of the Kelly Inspired Classic Handbag stand out well, and it works! I like the style of the crop trousers with the bag style, they're a sweet pairing, also loving the straps on the coat tying in with the hanging strap of the bag. While for the Primrose Tassel Handbag I went super match-y with these yellow trousers and this surprisingly rather useful fluffy jacket. I love this look as something quirky for me and I think it actually works out really well for my doll and for the bag.


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