P E A R L S | Release Review

The end of last week came with a new PEARLS release, which was quite nice as I find it easy to get at least one or two items and for a reasonable price! I like the homepage ad, it's reasonably simple and I still like the use of real dolls, they've even included the username now which is a nice personal touch!

Highlights: So just the one floor but I don't feel like that's a negative thing with this store while it's still a relatively small outlet. There's also a guys outfit included too but I don't find any of these pieces hugely special. The overall style is pretty smart, but versatile at the same time so I think this will be a reasonably successful release!

Accessories: The store is quite minimal on the accessory front with just 5 pieces available. I didn't really find myself enamoured but either pair of shoes - I really thought I'd like the Classic Horse Bite Loafers but actually once they were on my doll I found the colour off-putting and it really didn't suit me at all, sadly. There are also the Suede Peep Toe Platforms in the shoes category. These are alright and are priced well but again I don't like them on my doll so much. The bags totally save this one for me because I love both that are available! There is the smaller Primrose Tassel Handbag which has a sweet delicate design and comes in an adorable size then the Kelly Inspired Classic Handbag in a bright red and larger style. I love both pieces and they make a really nice set - I'll be styling these in a Bag It Up Challenge post later in the week.

Clothing: There are 4 outfits in the store and I found that most of the pieces seem very interchangeable between looks which is great for versatility! There is one dress, the Powdered Blue Pleathed Dress which I love the colour of and the smart style. It comes well decorated already with pleats and a high collar and a bow which means you don't need to add so much to it. There are two co-ord sets, one which is also baby blue, the Double Breasted Blazer and Pleated Shorts then the bright red Pearl Button Red Jacket and Red Suit Pants. I'm definitely leaning towards the red as I think the style of the pieces are much more wearable. The final look is also blue, although not matching - the Navy Blue Classic Slacks, a very easy-to-style piece which I know will look well before even trying them on, and the Classic Denim Shirt which I think stands out from the store as something different but also looks good. The fitted shape is lovely and I think it looks nice on the doll.

Prices: The release is ranged between 7 and 16SD's and actually everything, especially the clothing, is very well priced and affordable. In fact some of these would have been perfect for my 10 Under 10 clothing instalment last week!

Styled Outfits: So I already mentioned the bags will be styled later in the week so here are my looks with the clothing! I bought 3 pieces and it's great that nothing broke the bank. First up the Powdered Blue Pleathed Dress which I just went all out with with the baby blue^ Love this blazer with the dress, and the shoes, but accessorised with black to add to what the bow brings to the piece. I love the style of the dress being very presentable and modest. Second up are the Red Suit Pants which I went for a firm favourite combination with pink. Love the oversized-ness of the coat with these trousers and actually the tone works pretty well, plus the matching strapped heels, these would be a must for my next look with the trousers! And lastly the Navy Blue Classic Slacks which I tried to style more creatively for me, and I'm happy with the outcome =) Went with pink because I think it's good with navy but I also like what the striped top brings with the different tones. Pink in the accessories too and I'm pleased with the overall feel.


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