A while ago we had a new release of Popshop. It included some fabulous pink vintage styled chairs that I am pretty sure are based on the club chairs in the Gallery at Sketch - and incredible restaurant on Conduit Street in London. I'm lucky to have been there a couple of times so I absolutely had to have them.

I do this though - I collect bits of furniture I like and then do Absolutely Nothingwith them. I decided this has to change and actually attempted a new suite room. So this is a very roundabout explanation for this outfit - inspired by my new suite room. Soft and delicate pink touches on hard lines and deep black. Feminine & Masculine.

I'm also sporting a rather fetching crop which you can pick up from StellaLucia at the moment. When you have so little hair, you have to really think about what you're wearing! I think I've got the balance of proportions just about right ... just about.

You will need:
Bustier Gotham Dress | Evil Panda
Roll Neck Jumper | Fallen Angel
Sleeveless Polka Dot Polo | Fallen Angel
Faux Fur Big Clutch | Inspired By Alexander McQueen Tribute
Inspired Clown Pumps | Inspired By Jimmy Choo Tribute
Florist Rose 6 | 9to5
Florist Rose 3 | 9to5
Florist Flower Twig 2 | 9to5


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