Hot Buys Valentino Inspired Heels Released!

Hey dolls

The Hot Buys Valentino Inspired Heels have been released!

They cost 22 Stardollars and you can find them in It Girls.
Clcik HERE to get them in your dressing room.

I don't really know what to say about these if I'm honest. To be fair, they do actually look nice. Maybe it's not the shade of red that I would personally like, but in regards to the graphics, I can't actually find fault. Sure, we have seen similar things released over and over again, but that's fine. Perhaps the positioning of the straps is a bit strange but it isn't exactly a major problem.

The price, just no!
They aren't anything special, and nothing justifies that price.


What do you think of these?
Will you be buying?



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