Styling The Gift

Stardoll gave us members a black and blue jumpsuit, which I personally think is hideous, but I still wanted to give it a go! So, I ended up covering it up almost completely, but the one thing I do like about it, is the revealing neckline! Matched it with a boxy blazer and suit pants, so there would not be too much skin showing. I want your opinions? Did I manage to make that jumpsuit look hot or not?

You will need:
Slim Suit Pants | Bizou
Special Gift Royal Blue Jumpsuit | Freebie
Perfect Boxy Blazer | Limited Edition
Boxy Blazer | Killah
Vionnet Inspired Earrings | The Jetset
Front Row Sandals | Young Hollywood
Black Wishbone Thin Belt | Gucci
Dionysus Black Leather Bag | Limited Edition


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