The Stardoll Lookbook Feature: Suite Style

I featured a suite room from nene_llorente's suite last year, but these two further rooms caught my eye this week, so very much suite-spiration. Both of these rooms have cool pool views but are designed differently and also thoughtfully around the interiors themselves. This pretty sky view above is designed simply, and I love the sliding glass doors added to split the room with garden furniture and a stylish shower cubicle while inside has a glamorous feel with cushion and a sofa-table and wine - I love the minimal use of metallic, I think it's really effective for this room. Then below is an indoor style, but I like the continued use of glass inside - it's great to split this room into a living and dining side plus gives more opportunity for all those pieces on the left side, that little seating area is very sweet and I think the whole room has been well laid out and carefully planned!


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