'1970' Bella Freud | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

This weekend I spotted fearstar wearing this amazin Bella Freud inspired sweater and I immediately knew I needed it in my life! So I headed to StarDesign, and although I'm not a snazzy nor swifty designer (however saying that, I did do a cool Celine design once!), I can do simple numbers and so I made myself this sweater in a couple of different colours - today I styled my bold yellow one to keep it super similar to fearstar but I am insanely in love with the deep red one that I did and you may have spotted me posting over on FB. I'll start with fearstar's look for now though, and I love the casual-ness to the style, I think the sweater shade suits these jeans very well and also the hems with that heel combination - definite check mark from me. The bag is awesome too, it stands out in it's own right but the vibrant colour against the mustard tone really pops and contrasts and attracts the eye - just great. For my look I went with a brighter yellow sweater because I have a thin for bright yellow and it just fits so well with white pieces. It's easy to style these types of sweaters as they're pretty versatile and you can never really go wrong with jeans and I even added a blazer. My next steps are to work on more wow-factor accessorising for this sweater, I need to up my game! I'm also probably going to make it in like 10 different colours, pink green and ocean blue are next on my list so maybe keep an eye out on my sleep.


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