I'm still really feeling the colour blue from my last Styled Outfit post and my recent Wearing post, today's Styled Outfit post is focusing on these, quite recent, Bizou Sequin Loose Pants which came out in January. I kind of bought them on a whim really after writing my review, but I haven't had a chance to wear them nor have I seen anyone else wear them since then - so I'm giving them a refresh. I enjoyed styling these and I'm glad I bought them and decided to do this post. They were are pretty easy piece to style, I choose my outerwear pieces first which my have been a bad idea as they are all similar in shape and colour, but it does make them versatile trousers. First on the left, I added a little colour with the green - this shirt wasn't exactly what I wanted, but nothing in my wardrobe was the exact shade of green I was looking for so this was a 'make do' thing! I do like the shade of this navy jacket with the trousers though, next time I'll choose a different shirt! In the middle is my favourite look, this one cam to me easily and was something simple that I think everyone could come up with. I love the velvet texture against the sequins and continues that with my platforms. The blue polo was a must, but I like the lightness added with the Chanel bag, I think it really highlights the silver of the sequins. And lastly, veering away from blue with a grey coat, but this look surprised me, I wasn't sure what I would like with the trousers and coat and I tried on this shirt just by chance and I very much liked the outcome! I think it helps make the trousers a little more understated by hiding some of the shine and makes them seem more wearable on an everyday basis. I couldn't resist with silver heels though.


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