V O I L E | Release Review

And finishing off last week with another release in the Plaza, and this time a VOILE bridal collection. I really like the homepage advert, while selling the pretty delicate and light toned pieces, it also exudes brightness and vibrance and a young fresh vibe - I just love it !

Highlights: I like the theme overall and the light shining colours and materials that this store hosts. At first glance there's a lot of similarity around, which might put people off if you're not into using a lot of beige, but I'm quite happy for a new VOILE release overall.

Accessories: Alike most of the recent releases, this one is quite light on the accessory front. There are 3 pairs of bridal shoes, two heels and then something a little more casual with the Bridal Inspired Converse, which I quite like, I feel like they'd fit in nicely with one of the previous Subcouture collections which had a lot of other tulle pieces, and I think they could add nicely to a lot of different styled outfits. The Laser Cut Lace Heels and Bridal Plexi Heel Booties do seem very similar I think, but when you look close up there are definitely differences with the detailing and the fit. I'm not really a fan of either pair, they really don't suit my doll so I look forward to seeing them styled on someone who does suit them! There's just one bag, the Cute Lace Classic Handbag, and I think it looks similar to previous pieces, and it doesn't really stand out in this collection to make me really want to buy it. There's a couple of other accessory pieces, like the Double Pearl Earrings which look super pretty (and are super affordable), but I do feel like we're missing something on the necklace front, I think there is definitely the option for something super eye-catching to match with the minimal dresses!

Clothing: The majority of the clothing is in a beige sheeny tone, with a couple of items offered in a pretty dusted pink - so if these colours aren't for you this release might not be an ideal one, however I do think the tones will suit most people and some different styles. Briefly in pink is the off shoulder Valentino Inspired Bridesmaids Dress with sweet flowing skirts and frilled sleeves, and the Elie Saab Inspired Strapless Couture Dress which I love the skirt style and length, however the bustier part is quite oversized so I think it looks unflattering on my doll sadly.  Before discussing the main attraction of the gowns, I think I'll mention the two trouser stylings - the Elie Saab Inspired Couture Gown Top and Elie Saab Inspired Pants, a cute set with designer glamour. I've not gotten into this top/skirt styling idea yet, but I'm happy to know it's there if I ever feel the need to try it out (the piece does fit the doll really nicely!) but I do love the trousers! They have a nice fit and look flattering, plus they're versatile. And then the Silk Halter Mini Top and Super High Waisted Bridal Couture Pants, as a pair they look great, but for me the top is quite revealing on my doll and I'd find it tricky to get good wear, on the other hand these trousers are amazing with their flowing style and beautiful look on the doll! And those dresses! They're pretty much split into 2 midi and 2 maxi pieces, and I like the focus on the longer rather than shorter dresses. Of the midi pieces, I think the Spaghetti Strap Simple Bridal Dress falls a little short with the Valentino Inspired Midi Dress being more impressive. The piece has an overall nicer style and I think it's a prettier piece. I like the flow of the skirt and the design of the sleeves like the Valentino Inspired Bridesmaids Dress also had. The maxi's are pretty contrasting with the Valentino Inspired Deep V Gown on the minimal but stunning design and the Lace Mermaid Tail Bridal Gown going for the wow factor with a lot of delicate and pretty details, and I have to say I wasn't fussed about this piece at first but after a second try-on today, I really like it on my doll! The fit on the body is good and I just love the sleeve design.

Prices: This release ranges from 10 to 38SD's, with some SC pieces available and a couple of SS/Royalty only. I think the prices are fine for the items and for occassionwear I think it's reasonable to expect a slightly higher price.

Styled Outfits: These stylings probably don't come as a surprise to anyone who knows me, because the trousers were the best bit of this collection. Firstly the Elie Saab Inspired Pants which offer plenty of styling options. I love them with this loose sweater to emphasise their tight fit, but also the contrast of the black belt and jacket - simple but stylish.  And secondly the Super High Waisted Bridal Couture Pants which I love on my doll a lot, they give such a nice shape. This sheer blouse is a great colour match for the trousers, and I love the thin waist impression that the pairing gives my doll. The clothes are easy to style minimally, but could also get easily glammed up with pretty metallic jewellery or vibrant gem tones.

Features:  I really didn't find too many people styling this collection, a little of a surprise, but I did spot this look from ccaauu1414 featuring the Chanel Couture Inspired Coat Dress rather nicely and without looking too bridal either! The black trousers make a good contrast but actually so does the white, I was definitely attracted to the white belt at the middle first. I wasn't so sure on this piece for my doll, but I think this might push me in the direction of trying it out.


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