We Wear Hotbuys M A Y | Canvas Sandals

Been a few days since our last HB and these are our first shoes of this month's release - the Canvas Sandals. They are from It Girls and cost 18SDs. They're definitely a cute piece for the wardrobe, and certainly on trend with the gingham ties, which I love the delicate-ness and thin-ness of, that definitely makes for a good summer shoe - as does the pale heel which has just the right amount of chunky to it. On first glance I think these look quite versatile and I can see them working with jeans as equally well as skirts and dresses!

When I had these sandals on in the Plaza I immediately knew the dress I wanted to pair with them, however upon reaching my wardrobe I discovered said dress doesn't actually exist, so that was a little disappointing! Nevertheless, I enjoyed styling these sandals and found plenty of pieces to pair with them making them quite the smart summer shoe, a style I'm looking forward to trying out some more!


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